Beach clean up

Come join us for beach clean up Saturday 6. may

Together we are cleaning beaches around in Trondheim on saturday 6th may.
We are: Trondheim Venstre, Miljøvernforbundet, ESN Trondheim, NTNU Ocean club, Turgruppa til topps, Greenpeace Trondheim, Den Ukrainske foreningen i Trondheim, Trondheim fridykkerklubb, Draugen FMK, Dykkergruppa NTNUI, Sø, Havet og Hold Norge rent.
We are financially supported by Trondheim municipality.


This year’s beach clean-up is held from Dora and you have 4 choices:

You can join the bus and clean beaches at Byneset (Along the ocean).

You can join the bus and clean along Nidelven (River in Trondheim).

You can join diving or freediving for rubbish at Solsiden.

You can join the local clean-up between Havet and Ladekaia.

There will be a sausage for everyone at Havet

After the clean-up operation, Havet serves free vegetarian and meat sausage to all volunteers who have taken part.
Free drinks served with the food are coffee, tea or water, please bring your own cup/drinking bottle.
If you want anything else to drink with your meal, you can buy a beer for NOK 98, or soda for NOK 49.
(it is not allowed to enjoy brought alcohol).
Havet has plenty of places outside and inside and has 11 accessible toilets.

From 16:00 Havet offers a free sauna in Ardna sauna.

Clean up at Byneset and Nidelven


Meeting point at Maskinistgata 2 (bus stop at Trondheim bobilparkering) at 11:00

From Dora, two buses with a capacity of 59 seats and 27 standing places each will transport beach cleaners to Byneset and up Nidelven. See the cleanup map for more detailed information further down.

One bus goes to Byneset, there are 5 cleanup teams, and they will clean from Flakk to Hangerskjæret. In this bus, you will find cleanup leaders from ESN Trondheim, Turgruppa til topps, Venstre, and Miljøvernforbundet.

The second bus goes up Nidelven, there are 3 cleanup teams, and they will clean from Sluppen bridge to Tiller bridge. In this bus, you will find cleanup leaders from NTNU Ocean Club and Greenpeace Trondheim.

The buses will depart from Dora at 11:00, return at 14:00, and be back at Dora at 14:30.

Clean up Ladestien

Meeting point at Havet at 12:00 .
You can participate in the local cleanup with Katarzyna, and it will take place between Havet and Korsvika.

Diving at Solsiden


The diving clubs will be in the water around 12:00 and have their own meeting time and place. Check with your own club when and where to meet.


Based on past experiences, it can be very cold and rough weather, especially on Byneset. We therefore ask that you dress warmly for being outside for 3 hours.

Trash collection


Trash bags and gloves from Hold Norge Rent will be distributed at the meeting point at Trondheim bobilparkering or outside Havet. Blue trash bags (2m3) from Sø will be used to collect the smaller trash bags at predetermined pickup points.

Cleanup Map

See where the cleanup activities will find place: